Doron Conquered the Cupcake Wars and We All Want to be a Faderette….

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So the author of the team blog has been a bit lax with updates…

When we last visited the team, we were primed to learn Doron’s fate on Cupcake Wars.  In true Sticky Fingers fashion, we used the opportunity to have a happy hour at one of our sponsors, Breadsoda.  And then….drumroll please…..Doron is victorious!  As cupcake connoissiers, we had no doubt of the victory.

This past weekend brought 2 races, the Chantilly Crit and Carl Dolan.  Apparently MABRA angered the weather gods at some point, and the weather forecast for the weekend brought out our inner Belgian tough-girl.  Brief summary of how the races went down:

Chantilly, Cat4W – Team Hot (that would be Hot Meg and Hotter Robyn) started, raced and conquered, despite heavy April showers.  Meg finished on the podium in 3rd place and Robyn celebrated her return to racing in true style – 8th!!

Chantilly, Cat 1/2/3W.  The plan – Sarah on the podium…on the highest step.  Attacks, counter attacks, lots of wind and some sketchy peloton riding was the recipe for the day.  The result – Sarah wins!

And then there was Sunday.

and wind.

The Cat 1/2/3W race starts 1 minute ahead of the Cat4 women’s field.  After about 3 laps, Jess launched an attack countered by Chicken and then Goat (I think that was the order) followed by Dana.  As we made that right turn before the hill, we saw riders down….and were scared to see Robyn and Meg off their bikes…victims of a C4W crash.  The race was neutralized for a while until an Artemis rider could be transported to the hospital.  Meg and Robyn were out of the race, hopped on their trainers on the hill overlooking the finish and we waited to start again.

Our race was shorted to 3 laps and the riding, given the wind and perhaps thoughts of the crash, was a bit, well, scary.  Chicken was setting Sarah up for a lead-out sprint when she rode toward the front of the pack at the beginning of the hill before the final lap.  Dana (ok…that’s me) who is a scaredy cat in races, did not realize that plan and decided to sprint up the hill (ok…I *swear* I had heard the bell ring for a prime…) and discovered that she had a break.  Needless to say…wind, inexperience and lack of power ended that solo break.  As I was caught by the field, Jess countered (I think)…and the race to the finish was on.

Given the wind and perhaps nerves, the finish was crash-prone, but TSF managed not only the win by our Super Faderette, but also Jess sprinted to round out the top 10.

After such a fun weekend of racing, we on TSF who do not have a last name of Fader are planning to change last names….for Fader dominates MABRA races this weekend (Mr. Fader raced quite well, too…)

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