TSF Training Camp Day 4: Race Day….

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After several days together, we settled into a routine, although each morning seemed quieter and more relaxed than the day before.

Our last day in Alabama brought a planned team race.  We split into two groups, based on category, and rode to the start of the course, with Jess setting the pace.  The first group, Meg, Robyn and Doron (with Sonja as their GPS) started 2 minutes ahead of the second group.  The chase group (writer’s note:  the author was in that group, so that perspective is reported) started off with short pulls at less than race pace before kicking it up a notch.  We learned useful things about each other…the timing of pulling off of the front, who needs X amount of time to recover from specific efforts.  Our legs felt a little dead after several days of riding, but we worked well together.  Jess exhibited strong bike handling skills through a sketchy turn filled with gravel….good training for Poolesville, perhaps.


The race course ends with a short uphill for the last QOM points, followed by a downhill and then a false flat to the finish line.  A couple hundred meters before the last hill, the chase group caught the lead group and Dana sprinted up the hill with chase given by Meg.  The chase group pulled out the victory….


After the race we did another lap of the course….with sprint and QOM points still up for grabs.  With the real world intruding on our training camp, we headed back to the house so that Meg could make a conference call while we took another spin through the neighbor….then found ourselves a wee bit lost….but had the chance for a scenic photo opp next to the waterfall for the nearby RTJ golf course.

Soon we rolled back to the house. One good thing (or bad thing, depending on your perspective) with a teammate who is a physical therapist…..dry needling!  As Christina’s family visited us, Sonja stabbed us with needles for recovery purposes.

After showering and packing, it was off to the airport.  TSF Training Camp 2011 – Alabama-style was over!


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