TSF Training Camp: Day 2

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The day dawned in Alabama and the weather forecast promised perfect temps although not so perfect wind.  Hill Repeats were on the forecast as well.  One really never knows another person until you have lived with that person, and the same is true for a cycling team.  For example, we learned that Meg likes to travel with a personal supply of sweet potatoes, Dana gets up way too early, we consume a great deal of coffee and bananas, and we all easily lose things.  We also learned that we have a bike-light fairy, or thought we did until we realized that the bike light that magically appeared on Meg’s bike actually came from Doron, rather than some character with wings and clad in spandex (how else would a bike-light fairy dress?).  Of course, Doron thought Meg’s bike was hers…….what will we do when we all have our matching Amiras?

Hill Repeats were the target for today, as well as more pace-line practicing.  The hill reminded us all of Skyline Drive from the Front Royal entrance.  It is a long (for this area) climb without a steep gradient and almost perfect road quality.  We rode as a group with sprinters at the front for the first interval, then descended to do more at our own pace.  The downhill strung us out, with Sonja, Jess and Christina reaching the bottom first and Dana bringing up the rear.  We climbed again, with different goals, from steady-state to hill repeat to catch Sonja.  After a couple of times up the mountain, Dana and Sonja were waiting at the top, poised to take fotos when the next rider reached the top.  Meg crossed the line with a new love for her compact crank and, perhaps, a new love of hills.  Hopefully Brian will not be too jealous!  A couple of minutes later and hill repeats were a thing of the past.

The path home was downhill along a combination of streets and bike paths.  Feeling barn happy, Jess decided to jump, Sonja went after her and for some strange reason, Dana decided to follow when we were almost home.  Little did Jess and Dana know, the bike path had a series of little bumps more suited to a mountain bike.  Ouch.

After showering and refueling, we divided up errands, since we doubted Publix could handle our entire team again.  Jess and Robyn headed to the grocery store to buy items for our team dinner (African peanut stew, salad, baked chicken with brown rice – see pictures!) while Chicken, Doron and Dana headed to the bike shop for some bike repairs.  We would like to thank Robert from Bicycle Works for the TLC on our bikes!

And how can the day be complete without a dip in the jacuzzi?

Tomorrow….the pain of 30%…..

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