TSF Training Camp Day 1

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While other teams search for sun in Arizona or southern California, TSF traveled to Huntsville, Alabama for a spring training camp.  With forecasted snow in Washington and expected sunny skies in Alabama, we arrived in Huntsville International Airport with far too much luggage, eager to ride without multiple layers.  We did learn why Meg’s suitcase was so heavy….she brought her own sweet potatoes (or yams, depending on your location).

Why Huntsville?  Chicken and Goat (Christina and Sonja) grew up in the area, Chicken’s parents offered us the use of their house on the lake, direct flights from DC and Dana’s desired to visit a Cracker Barrel.

Chicken picked us up in style – her parent’s hybrid Town Car – and proved that great bike handling skills do not necessarily translate into good land yacht steering skills.

Monday dawned with cloudy skies and warm temps.  After Sonja reviewed pacelining techniques, we headed out for our 4 hour ride.  Throughout the week, we have a sprint and QOM competition and today had one QOM point in contention.  A one-mile climb with an average gradient of 9.8%.  Dana led Goat up the mountain with Robyn close on their heels.

Sprint intervals with a lead out were next….with Meg and Jess neck and neck across the line.  Then again.  And again.  And again.  Luckily after the planned sprints, we did not have unplanned ones in the form of a loose Alabama dog giving chase.

After more rolling hills, photo ops with baby goats, and a painful sprint in your lowest gear competition, we rolled home, showered and headed to the local Publix. Seven girls, two shopping carts filled with an interesting collection of food from marshmellow fluff to tofu with lots of veggies thrown in as well.  After locating the grill, Jess made an amazing meal for us all, and Goat and Chicken’s dads joined us in the evening.  Goat’s dad celebrated his birthday with us.  We all showed our geeky and competitive sides by comparing power data….max watts, max RPMs and max speed….we all fell asleep…….

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